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GURPS - Dungeon Fantasy RPG

Post by Cloak-n-Dagger » Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:07 pm

I've played GURPS maybe a total of two times in my entire life, though I wish I had the opportunity to have played more back during my college years. Steve Jackson Games is putting out Dungeon Fantasy which looks like a nice self-contained game for running dungeon crawl styled fantasy adventures. It is currently in production after a successful Kickstarter, but available for pre-order.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy RPG LINK
Storm Dungeons, Slay Monsters, Seize Treasure

A fun hack 'n' slash campaign challenges unique heroes with clever dungeons. To get the most out of your fantasy adventures, you need a game that lets you customize and perfect characters, monsters, treasures, and traps.

That's where the ready-to-play Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game comes in. It harnesses the customizing power of the award-winning Generic Universal RolePlaying System (GURPS), and streamlines it so you have exactly what you need to take fully-realized characters on fantastic adventures.

Choose from 11 classic professions and nine races. Tailor your hero using quick-start templates and the time-tested GURPS point-build system. Gear up with a massive list of customizable armor and weapons. Pick from over 400 spells. Then battle foes chosen from more than 80 monsters.

All this power guarantees epic games in no time . . . starting with the new adventure that comes in the box!
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Post by Ancalagon » Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:29 pm

GURPS is a fun system. The only drawback is that creating characters can take some time, especially for those unfamiliar with the point buy system of GURPS. But once the game play starts its really cool! All actions are pretty much 3d6 vs a particular skill which is based on a characteristic and any mods to it for the proficiency in that skill.

I played a fantasy dungeon crawl GURPS adventure at Dragon Con 2005 and still remember having a hellagood time with it!

3Ps member alester is a GURPS fan. Hopefully he sees this and chimes in.

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