[Kickstarter] C&C Beneath the Black Moon

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[Kickstarter] C&C Beneath the Black Moon

Post by Cloak-n-Dagger » Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:33 pm

I know some of you guys really enjoy Castles and Crusades, so for those that are not aware, Steve and the Trolls have a new Kickstarter going.

C&C Beneath the Black Moon LINK
What is Beneath the Black Moon? Beneath the Black Moon is an adventure that takes place in and around the city of Bergholt. It loosely continues the adventures began in By Shadow of Night and the Death in the Treklant series (though you don't need either of these books to play the adventure.

About the Adventure: The Celebration of the Black begins with the unfurling of the Banner of the Black Moon. Delivered to the streets of Bergholt by the gods, the Banner is raised high and paraded through streets and alleys for all to see. Everyone dons mask and cape, lights fires and burns incense, imbibes and enjoys a bacchanalia. Only to be followed by deeds of heinous nature, murder most foul in dark alleys, killings and slaughter abound such that the night ends in dread and terror. What brings the Black Moon?

It also includes 30 Encounter Areas for the CK. These can be included in the adventure, or used to start whole new adventures!

What is Bergholt? Bergholt herself is a city that lies upon the southern shores of the Interzae. Her crumbling walls sit astride the far flung realms of the east and west. A backwater controlled by powerful merchants and thieves, where most struggle to cut their way to the top, through violence or guile.
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