[TV] The Orville

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[TV] The Orville

Post by Cloak-n-Dagger » Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:53 pm

Jen is a huge ST:NG fan so when we saw the advertisements for Seth MacFarlane's, The Orville, she was hooked enough to want to watch. My dad watched the original Star Trek when I was growing up, it never was anything I latched onto. Pretty much none of the ST shows were of interest but I've seen enough NG because she owns every season on DVD. I tried watching Enterprise since Scott Bakula was playing the captain and I've enjoyed TV and movies he starred in, but even then I was never hooked on ST.

When we first started watching The Orville, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, though Family Guy in Space came to mind. For the first two or three episodes it was OK; it essentially looks and feels much like ST:NG with some humor tossed in at various times to shake things up. After a few more episodes I noticed that they were carrying more serious undertones to the stories of each one. One episode dealt with one of the officers of The Orville, who's entire species is all male though they do procreate, seek out gender reassignment to correct the "problem" when their newborn turns out to be female. This led to serious confrontations between the officer, the people of his culture, and the other members of the ship. Another episode had members of the ship sneaking onto an enemy ship and an attempt to kill everyone on board until they discover a room full of children and changing their course of action even though these children may grow up to be the same hateful and malicious adults on the ship. One of the most recent episodes has the crew exploring a planet where social media is used to determine criminal guilt based solely on how everyone else "feels" about that person regardless of whether they have actually committed a crime.

I feel like the writers are pulling from real world current events the same way South Park does, throwing a nod to the issues and problems around us. All in all, though, these subtle undertones have actually made me take greater interest in the show, the humor is just icing on the cake as opposed to just being front and center like a series for Galaxy Quest. If you're a fan of ST and haven't yet given it a watch, I'd suggest watching a few episodes, I think you'll find it worth the time.

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